7 Tips for Taking Perfect Newborn Photos

If you’re a new parent, chances are you’re eager to document this special time in your baby’s life with plenty of photographs. But if you’ve never taken newborn photos before, the thought of doing so can be daunting. Luckily, with a little bit of planning and these seven tips, you can take beautiful and timeless photos of your baby that you’ll cherish for years to come at Lucia Y Newborn Photography.

Seven Tips for Taking Perfect Newborn Photos

  1. Schedule the photo shoot for when your baby is between 5 and 14 days old. At this age, babies are typically still sleepy and relatively easy to pose. Plus, they haven’t yet developed that waxy coating on their skin known as vernix caseosa, which can make them appear slightly yellow in photographs taken after two weeks.
  2. Take advantage of natural light by photographing your baby near a window. Not only will this provide soft and flattering light, but the background will also be nicely out of focus, making the photo all about your little one. Just be sure to keep the sun at your back so it doesn’t cast any unflattering shadows on your baby’s face.
  3. Use simple props that won’t distract from your baby’s delicate features. A single flower, a knit hat or blanket, or even a bowl of fruit can make a beautiful and appropriate prop. Avoid anything too busy or colorful, as it will compete with your baby for attention in the photo.
  4. Get down on your baby’s level by lying on the floor or sitting in a chair next to them. This will help you capture their eye-level perspective, which can be especially sweet when photographing very young babies who are often looking up at the world around them with wonderment.
  5. Capture close-up details like tiny fingers and toes, as well as wide shots that include the entire family if desired. A mix of close-up portraits and more candid moments will give you a well-rounded collection of newborn photos to treasure.
  6. Be patient! Newborns don’t always cooperate when it comes to having their picture taken, so it’s important to have realistic expectations going into the shoot. Don’t hesitate to take breaks if either you or your baby need them, and try not to get too frustrated if things aren’t going according to plan. The most important thing is that everyone remains safe and happy throughout the process.
  7. Ask someone else to be in charge of entertaining older siblings while you’re taking pictures of the baby so they don’t get antsy or disruptive during the photo shoot. A little bribery in the form of lollipops or other small snacks can also help keep things calm!


Taking newborn photos may seem daunting at first glance, but with a little bit of planning and these seven tips in mind, you’re guaranteed to end up with gorgeous photos that you’ll treasure forever.