Additional Certifications Of The Safety Classes Of The Shoes

If you look at the safety classes of the safety shoes, a few or many letter combinations such as “SRC” or “HRO” catch the eye. These are abbreviations for additional certifications with which the manufacturer can have the shoe certified.

Shoes marked with an 

  • “A” indicate that the shoe is antistatic. 
  • An “E” indicates good energy absorption in the heel area, and 
  • “FO” describes a hydrocarbon-resistant sole. These three properties are fundamentally mandatory for safety shoes from class S1. 
  • “P” for penetration indicates that the shoe has a penetration-proof sole insert.
  • “HRO” stands for Heat Resistant Outsole and describes a heat-resistant outsole. This must withstand contact heat of 300 ° C for at least 60 seconds without deforming or becoming soft. Shoes almost exclusively wear this certification with a nitrile rubber outsole.
  • “CI” and “HI” stand for Cold or Heat Insulation and indicate that the sole construct insulates against the cold and heat of the ground.
  • “WRU” is the abbreviation for Water Resistant Upper. This describes a water-repellent upper material and is mandatory for classes S2 and S3.
  • “WR” is usually given to shoes that have a membrane, such as GORE-TEX®. The acronym stands for Water Resistant, featuring waterproof shoes.
  • “SRC” is made up of the two certifications, “SRA” and SRB. ” These are abbreviations of Slip Resistancy AC and give the slip resistance of the sole of a variety of substrates. SRA indicates the slip resistance on ceramic tiles, SRB that on steel floors. SRC is the combination of the two. Although this certification is not mandatory for any class, it is almost always awarded.

With this information, you can easily see which activities the “BERING BIS” boot is suitable for. He has the S3 CI WR SRC certification. So, we know that according to S3, the boot has a cap and penetration protection. According to CI, the sole insulates against the cold of the ground. According to the WR, the entire shoe is waterproof, and the sole is non-slip-on metal floors – e.g., scaffolding. Now it is immediately apparent that the shoe is designed for hard work outdoors. Search for anti slip safety shoe (รองเท้า เชฟ กัน ลื่น which is the term in Thai)