iGaming Tech in Asia Will Remain App Orientated Technology

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The future of iGaming is set to be one that is purely web browser based in most areas of the world, while in Asia the mobile app fad is still very much alive and well. Although most big brand online iGaming firms, and also betting tech is trending towards HTML5 gaming in place such as LATAM and European markets, we are see different trends in Asia, and also in the USA for that matter.

iOS and Android apps are all the rage across most Asian based mobile casinos. Players prefer to download an app and have all their gaming under one convenient branded application. However, the way player balances are stored is not app orientated. In South East Asia, in particular countries like Thailand, players keep their account balance on a web-based backend system. The advantage to this system is one that means the players have access to multiple casino brands using a different app for each mobile casino they access.

Here’s How the Process Of Mobile Casino Gaming Works In Asia

For example, if you were to play slotxo games in Thailand, you would sign up to a web-based casino agent’s account and make your deposit. In the process you can claim a free bonus which is usually free spins or a deposit match provided by the iGaming site providing you with access to online casinos. Now you have your casino account, and account balance, and a casino bonus. What’s next?

The casino website you sign up to will give you options to download a variety of online casino mobile apps. Players can choose to download and play at just one of these casino options or download multiple apps so they can add diversity to their gameplay by playing across a variety of different branded mobile casinos.

Once player down the app for their chosen mobile casino, they can then transfer their balance on the main website to the app and start paying real money slotxo titles, live dealer games, real money arcade style casino games, and a number of virtual table games all provided to the app by top brand names like Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Microgaming, iBetSoft, Vivo Gaming, Asia Gaming, and more!

After the player is finished with his or her session, the money is transferred back from the app to the main casino site. The player now has the choice to download one of the other available mobile casino apps, transfer money from the website to that app, place real money bets on the available games, and then when the session is over, send the balance back to the main casino account!

Asian Players Have Truly Diverse Gameplay Options

With multiple apps available to play, this gives players the chance to try out different games from different software providers. Some casinos have the same games available with some added extras, while other exclusively offer games from software providers no other mobile casino has available.

This is no different for European online casinos, but over there, you have to sign up teach different casino so you can play the different casino game titles from the various software providers. This also means keeping separate casino balances with each different online casinos.

On the other hand, in South East Asia, you only have to sign up once, and you get to keep your casino account balance all in one convenient location while you have access to multiple mobile casinos from that single balance. I.e., you have one place to deposit and access to multiple casino brands versus having access to multiple brands with a different balance per casino brand you sign up to!