London erotic massage– The best gift to your lover (and you)

When it comes to giving and receiving sexual pleasures, a lot of people would typically focus on getting to the point of the big – O. However, what many don’t realize, is that rushing won’t pleasure your partner. In this article, we will be talking about the best gift you can ever give (and at the same time receive) to your partner.

Massage is defined as the friction of kneading, based on a French definition. The origins of such wording may be found in both Arabic and Latin. The Arabic phrase Massa means “to touch, feel, and handle,” but the Latin term Massa means “a mass of dough” or “a therapy in the practice of soft body tissue manipulation for a physical, functional, mechanical, medicinal, therapeutic, or emotional purpose of aim.”

This kind of intention might be beneficial to massage’s dual purpose of sex and massage. Manipulation is the term for this. Each component is achieved by acts of manipulation onto a human body, with forms of pressure, in variants of organized, unstructured, fixed, moving, tension, motion, and vibration by the process utilizing either manual or mechanical assistance.

Sex, on the other hand, is defined as the biological and reproductive dualism of male and female. This act is second to nature and are done to reproduce. In doing so, two individuals must have an attraction to each other and engage in physical contact, making them both feel some sort of pleasure. With this, massage and sex can be correlated to one another. Massage as a way to lead up to sex.

This type of massage is what we call an erotic massage. This is differentiated from a normal massage people get in spas, as it involves interaction with intimate areas such as the breasts, chest, armpits, ears, nape of the neck, and anal areas. These areas are known to be sensitive to touch and promotes sexual arousal the more it is stimulated.

Knowing this isn’t enough to give your partner the best sex he or she’s ever had. The proper technique and proper knowledge to stimulate the targeted areas are as important also. An erotic massage leading up to sex can also be divided into two stages: foreplay (the arousal portion) and climatic gratification (the actual act of complete sexual interaction).

During foreplay, this is where a lot of touching will occur. Your bodies will be up on each other, moving and breathing synchronously, feeling each other getting warmer and warmer. Put your hands to work and touch the erotic areas, knead your partner’s chest, run your fingers through their hair, etc. The key to this would be a balance between a soft touch and a firm grip. A little bit of both will get your partner steaming hot.

With this, a London Erotic massage is the best way to pleasure your partner! To make sure that you’ll be able to perform this perfectly, do your research and practice. Visualize your actions during the moment. And lastly, the most important part, listen to your partner and find out what he or she likes.