What are the most popular CBD-based products?

Surely you have heard of CBD-based products. A real boon for health, skin, sleep and even some “ailments,” but let’s not forget that you can find them in different “formats.” 

In addition to the legal herb, which we will talk about shortly, CBD-based products can be found in the form of cosmetics (creams and ointments), liquid for the electronic cigarette, crystals (with a degree of purity close to 100 %) and even oils and seeds that do not fail to make their appearance even in the kitchen!

Having clarified this point we now come to another topic that is always particularly close to the heart, or wallet, of consumers and that is cost. Basically, is it really possible to find good quality legal weed at a great price? 

The answer is absolutely yes since, usually, the price is just over €6 per gram, but it is equally true that it is possible to find cheaper as well as more expensive ones. With regard to the latter, for example, the figure can go as high as 15 or 16 € per gram since such CBD-based products have been grown in a certain way and have a different quality from the others.

Another factor that goes into the price of legal weed, in addition to weight and quality, is then the micro-charge of a few cents when you go to buy it online. In this case you do not have to worry because this is certainly not a scam, but a normal practice for online payment circuits.

In fact, just to verify that the card entered is trustworthy, these few cents are first charged and then, later, taken off and credited back to the card once the purchase is successful. Of course, this is a practice that is not only implemented by buying legal pot online, but with many other products bought directly on the Internet!

Therefore, to give you a small example of CBD-based products with average prices, we can list names such as Amnesia (from 2.80 € to 6.30 € per gram), Gorilla Glue (2.80 € to 6.85 € per gram), Purple Haze (from 3.85 € to 6.93 € per gram) or Mandarin OG (from 2.40 € to 5.70 € per gram).

However, let us open a small post on weight in such a way as to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Often and often, upon opening the ordered package, one may notice that it may be strangely lighter. Again, this is not an attempt at fraud, but an unmistakable condition of nature.

In fact, legal weed, precisely because it is a plant product and completely natural, has a weight that can be affected by external factors such as drying and moisture. Of course, these are really slight variations, but if you pay attention to it, it is like when you go to buy vegetables at the supermarket, or at your local vegetable grower, and weigh them. If the season has been rainy the tomatoes, for example, will be bigger and heavier while, if it has been drier, then they will be drier and lighter.