How Do You Become a Flight Attendant?

To become a flight steward, I took a two-month program for getting Flight attendant Qualifications [คุณสมบัติ แอร์โฮสเตส, which is the term in Thai]. Prior to this, nonetheless, I needed to pass the choice procedure. It had five phases, consisting of meetings and mental as well as medical evaluations. A lot of people don’t pass these stages. For the medical exams alone, I took urine and blood tests, had a breast as well as spinal column X-ray, to name a few things. The purpose was to figure out if I had any type of physical condition that would avoid me from flying.

Hereafter stage, I started studying at an institution. It’s an intensive program, with classes from Monday-Friday, as well as in some cases on Saturdays also. The first month is for theoretical research, with a discipline every two days, followed by an examination. You discover things like kinds of the airplane, on-board solution criteria, emergency treatment, as well as lots of safety and security procedures.

There’s a class in the cultures of the best flight attendant institutes. You need to grin as well as respect passengers. In the past, a short man who wore glasses, like me, can never be a flight attendant. These days, the good news is, these characteristics do not matter. What is important is to have expertise. Our three pillars are focus, safety, and performance.

The second month is for functional courses. They are amongst the most expected classes! You practice how to act in case of evacuation on land as well as on water. You handle life vests and fire extinguishers, as well as learn about the qualities of each airplane. I’m educated to fly on Jet 319, 320, as well as 321 aircraft. If I intend to change my route, I need to research as well as be educated for various other airplanes.

The college graduation event is lovely. You receive the attire before your family members. Your first trip is a week after college graduation. I was so anxious that I couldn’t rest for those 7 days! Nonetheless, as soon as I boarded the airplane, it was a route from Bangkok to Phuket, I relaxed and enjoyed every minute. The various other team participants helped me a great deal, as well as the chief purser, let me open as well as shut the doors and manage the cabin temperature. When we landed, I stated to myself, “I’m a flight steward.”

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