Shoulder Holster – What It Is And Why You Should Buy It

A holster is a holder for a gun or a firearm of a similar kind. Holsters are often made from leather. Holsters are worn over the shoulder or under the arm. Holsters are also worn on a belt. Holsters are commonly worn by police officers and government agents. A holster is an important accessory for a gun.

A shoulder holster is a holster that is worn on or under the shoulder. These types of holsters are specifically made to be worn on shoulders. Holsters for a gun is what a sheath is to a sword, a protective cover. A shoulder holster is for safely and comfortably carrying your gun. They prevent the gun from wear and tear.

Is buying a shoulder holster worth it?

Buying a Shoulder Holster is totally worth it. Every gun needs a protective cover. Just like how a phone is important for a phone, a holster is important for a gun. If you want to carry your gun on you, then you should definitely buy a shoulder holster. Wearing a Shoulder holster is the most comfortable and functional way to carry your gun efficiently.

Types of shoulder holster

A shoulder holster is usually available in 3 different carry styles. You can pick the carrying style that suits you best. Left-handed configuration holsters are also available with no extra charge.

1.        Detective Carry Model –

The Detective carry model is the most preferred style of shoulder holster. It has a simple and minimalistic design which is straightforward. It provides a hand-molded single holster with a soft leather harness. It is perfect for people who are looking for carrying their guns all day long. It provides ease when carrying a gun for your safety. You can comfortably carry your gun with no worries.

2.        X-Carry shoulder holster

The X-Carry shoulder holster is a double shoulder holster system that allows you to carry your handgun and reloads. It is made with the finest leather. A double carry shoulder holster system is a style that is often adopted by on-duty cops and hunters. It is the best shoulder holster designed with the wearers’ security and comfort in mind.

The X-Carry shoulder holster has a light and versatile harness. It is the best shoulder holster ideal for carrying small to medium-frame firearms. The flexible strap design allows the wearer to move comfortably without the loosening or binding of the harness. It is a low profile and minimal carry will fold against your body securely. You can carry your firearm and reload comfortably all day long. It will not disrupt your daily activities.

3.        HD-Carry shoulder holster

The Heavy Duty (HD) shoulder holster is a double shoulder holster system style of holster. It will allow you to carry heavy and big-sized firearms. It has a wide harness to distribute the weight of the heavy firearm to provide ease in the carriage. It is cut on a contour that helps it lay flat against the wearer’s body. The wide shoulder straps of this shoulder holster provide comfort and concealing. It provides a wide range of adjustments, which has made it popular among large frame gun-carrying people.

You can choose the most efficient shoulder holster according to your comfort. The Kirkpatrick Leather shoulder holster provides a shoulder holster that is most durable and will last for years.